About Anna-Karin

Ceramic artist, designer, sculptor. Born in Alvesta, resides and works in Växjö, Sweden.

My studio is only one among many in a building called the Italian Palace. The building was originally built as a copy of an Italian palace. It is no doubt a very characteristic and proud old building. Over the years the building, belonging to the psychiatric services within the County Council, has housed a variety of activities and, often, the less happy among souls. Many people even today sense the past in the walls of the building, not necessarily a negative feeling.

My studio rooms are adjacent to the attic. There is howling and there is cooing. There is never complete silence. The pigeons thrive, the wind does somersaults just below the rafters, and I listen to the radio. I like it there. There are days when I work hard, rhythmically. On other days I’m thoughtful, sketching bars on a sheet of paper or pinching tiny clods of clay. Sometimes I leave my rooms, returning to my everyday life. Still I strive to keep my eyes open, because you never know what you may bring back to the studio. Occasionally I receive visitors to the studio. Like those tortoise shells that were there when I returned after the summer. They stayed, where else could they go?

I took my Master’s degree at the ceramic arts program at HDK – School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. The material – the clay – and the three dimensional form have characterized my artistic work. Relations, linear patterns, surfaces, rhythms, density, gravity, lightness in relation to three dimensional form are concepts I’ve been trying to look deeper into. My early work was clearly based on material and craftsmanship, while my recent work has been more conceptual. Further my work has developed from being mainly clay-based, to also involve other materials, adding new expressions. Over the years my work has been shown at museums and art galleries, and I´m also represented in public places.